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boschert machinery

On September 1st, 1946 the Master machine builder Ludwig Boschert founded our company. Very soon the small company was known for its good quality workmanship and it grew quickly. Shortly thereafter the young company was taken over by the Kunz family. Since then, contacts and friendships have been built up all over the world. As a result, our plant has grown constantly, changing from a small workshop to a large industrial production facility.

Boschert punching machines and notchers are known in sheet metal shops worldwide as machines that are built to last. In the field of safety chucks, as well, we have proven our forward-thinking ways with the many international patents we have been awarded for innovative new products. Boschert is a company with a bright future. By staying true to our heritage of innovative products we will continue the success of our past. As satisfied customers have been our incentive in the past, they remain our responsibility for the future. In todays globally competitive environment, we are combining the latest technologies with our highly skilled team of employees. By blending old world craftsmanship with new world technology we are able to develop and manufacture innovative and affordable products of the highest quality in our German plant.

With a firm understanding of what Made in Germany has historically meant, we are continually striving to deliver what our customers expect when they purchase our products that are Made in Germany.

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