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scantool machinery

1961: The founder of Scantool, Jens-Martin Nielsen, began his career in 1961 at Thrige. Thrige went on to become a major manufacturer of motors with winding facilities in Aalborg/Nørre Tranders. Today, motor windings are produced at our factory in Brovst.

1980: During the 1970s, the company’s fortunes changed, and Jens-Martin decided to retire and began developing the Scanslib 200. It was a very successful product, and it turned out to be the foundation for Scantool.

Several new products were developed, including the iconic industrial belt grinder Scantool 75.

1987: Scantool moved to Brovst and acquired KEF. By 1990, Scantool acquired yet another company, ARBOGA, and became the sole manufacturer of grinders and polishers in Scandinavia. (Billede af KEF maskiner side 111) 2005: Early in 2005, Scantool acquired HM Machinery A/S and HM Teknik A/S. With that, Scantool was now a powerful business, offering its Scantool, KEF, ARBOGA, and HM Machinery products.

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